Methodology Statement

How We Track TV & Radio Spot Advertising

Media InSite digitally records radio and television broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our proprietary technology monitors broadcasts in real time and automatically logs each occurrence of all spot advertisements in Media InSite's audio fingerprint library. The library of spot ads is updated daily as new advertisements begin airing. Generally, ads are discovered and added to the library within 24 hours of their first airing. Once a new ad is discovered, the system back-fills detection data for any occurrences that may have aired prior to our discovery of the ad. This ensures that all occurrences of a new spot are counted.

Auto Detection Limitations

Because our system is designed to match and log recurring audio content, only pre-recorded spots and promos are automatically detected. Ad copy read live by on-air talent cannot be automatically detected, but Media InSite does offer specialized services for auditing live reads. See your account representative for details. Also, because our system relies on audio matching, television spots with identical audio tracks but different visuals are not automatically distinguished. Media InSite offers specialized services for auditing these types of television ads. See your account representative for details.

Auto Detection Thresholds and Error Rates

A spot is counted as played when 70% or more of its audio fingerprint is detected. Our auto detection technology accurately detects 98% of all spot occurrences.

How We Track Press Advertising

Media InSite's staff of trained analysts review all monitored publications daily for occurrences of display ads and enter associated metadata to our ad occurrence database. New ads are clipped, scanned, categorized and saved to our advertising archives.

How We Calculate Estimated Spend

For TV & Radio advertising, Media InSite bases estimated spot costs on each media house's current published open rate for a 30 second spot. A spot's actual duration is multiplied by the prorated per-second price for a 30 second spot on the station airing the ad. For example, a 45-second spot airing on a station with a 30-second spot rate of $100 would be valued at $150 ($100/30 * 45).

For press advertising, Media InSite bases estimated costs on each media house's current published open rate for a column centimeter with separate rates for black & white, full colour, and spot colour.

What We Monitor